Even today, menstruation is still seen as something dirty and shameful by many; something that people shouldn’t talk about.

Menstruation is healthy and normal. I thought about it a lot and talked to many women Now I have a more simple, appreciative and loving approach to menstruation. See the pictures of my expression for this by clicking on the names:

(People who feel triggerd by blood or menstruation should please act out of their own discretion.)

Menstruation Cup

What exactly

River flow


Also I want to share my ways of helping myself in emotional or painful days:

Having my period means..


-taking care about myself

-keeping warm with blankets, pullovers and cuddly socks

-watching favourite movies

-asking people to put their warm hands on my belly and enjoying it (they never deny)

-being curios about colour and consistency of my blood

-eating what i want

-finding out what makes me cramp (for example stress and it shows me in how many situations i am stressed)

-finding out what helps (dancing, Sex, ..)


… I love my blood week <3